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I finished your book in one weekend, which is saying a lot for me. I didn’t want to stop reading it. It hit me hard and at a time in my life where I could really relate. 3 days after reading your book I attended my first al-anon meeting. You have “kick started” my therapy. Thank you for your courage and strength!
Sincerely, Carrie

Wow! A page turner and very inspirational! Suzanne has a true gift! ~Heidi

After reading this inspirational book, which I flat couldn't put down, I decided to see Suzanne for a personal reading. My wife has had a reading, and my daughter too. We are more confident and looking forward to some very exciting changes in our lives. Knowing more about our past lives and previous relationships with family members makes a big difference in our current life and how we interact with each other.
All positive... Thank you Suzanne ~Patrick McGarrah

Suzanne Jauchius is a gift to the world. Her wisdom rings from a deep place. Her ability to help you guide your life is based on her wisdom, and she never compromises herself in giving her counsel. That is the beauty of this special person. Her counsel is pure and without attachment to your response. She is free to speak truthfully, because she has so much faith in herself. That strength of self-faith is passed onto you as you listen. She can see behind the emotions and find the meaning of your experiences. Emotions come and go - but meaning is timeless. I was guided to Suzanne, and I will forever be grateful for meeting her. ~L.E.